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Perry's Corner: Time to Panic?

So Chan Gailey has been quoted as saying, "We are not going to go around like the sky is falling."

I think that these sound like famous last words if I've ever heard them.

Keeping it short and sweet this week, folks, because I've got to get back to building my underground shelter to put all my Bills memorabilia in.

Bottom line, and I touched on this pretty extensively last week: the Buffalo Bills need to play like their jobs are on the line. Everyone in the building. From Buddy Nix to Chan Gailey to Mario Williams to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The defense needs to play like Green Bay's defense did on Thursday night. Even if Mario isn't the one getting the sacks, someone needs to be giving Matt Cassel the same treatment Clay Matthews gave to Jay Cutler on Thursday night. This is paramount, it is absolutely crucial, and it is what we were led to expect from this defense. This defense, one of the most hyped in the NFL from the off-season, made Mark Sanchez look like an elite quarterback last week. That's unacceptable, and that's something that we need to fix today, rather than down the line.

CJ Spiller can't carry this offense to victory all by himself. He went into this season thinking he was going to be used as one part of a one-two punch running game. Now he's in the position of having to put himself forward as the starter and be half of our offense.

That shouldn't be too much of a problem; I mean, he led the league in rushing last week. He was a silver lining in the dark storm cloud that was our opening game.

But he can't be our whole offense. Not with how much Ryan Fitzpatrick is making, and not with the extension we gave Stevie Johnson. Fitzpatrick himself quoted last week's performance as, "disgusting." I couldn't agree more. But he didn't sign up for disgusting. We didn't sign up for disgusting. We signed up for the first legitimate franchise quarterback since Jim Kelley... and we haven't found him yet.

Could Fitzpatrick be that guy? The jury's still out, but it's looking extremely grim right now.

Either this is the year for Fitzpatrick, or it's time to start looking for our guy. Another year out of the playoffs is unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.

At the same time, if this Bills team can't make it to the playoffs, I think a shakeup in the coaching ranks is in order. No one is coaching what they are supposed to coach, apparently. Gailey has no sense of urgency, and instead of whipping the hell out of this team and marching them to the playoffs (whether they like it or not), he's urging patience and saying that we'll get it done eventually.

How's TWELVE YEARS for patience, Chan?

This city is sick of being losers in this league. We aren't going to have hockey this year, so it isn't as though we can say, "At least the Sabres start up soon, because they actually win us some games."

The city of Buffalo deserves the best out of this team, and we deserve better than what we got last week.

So keep your eyes peeled for what Buffalo team takes the field today, and next week against Old Man Weeden and the Browns.

Because if we go into week 4 0-3 or 1-2 with Brady and the Patriots coming to town? This season's already lost.

Perry out.


0 #1 Shawn 2012-09-16 12:53
Interesting take on the game, season, and Chan!

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